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Samoan Wedding (review)

It was a huge hit in New Zealand, which only goes to show: people the world over like the same old junk. And it turns out that the immigrant Samoan culture Down Under looks remarkably like immigrant cultures all over the Western world: Irish, African, or even big fat Greek, you’ve seen this all before. But wait! As an extra added bonus of cliché and pigeonholing, we learn that Samoan men, like men all over the romantic comedy genre, are little boys who won’t grow up until the love of the right woman straightens them out. Four 30something Samoan-Kiwis — all best pals and party-heartyers — are banned from family weddings for the ruckus they cause until they can find girlfriends to accompany them. Not dates: regular girlfriends who’ll put up with their childishness and/or whip them into shape. It’s so romantic for us gals, lemme tell ya, to be expected to act as mothers to our lovers. Bah. Extras include cast-and-crew commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and more. (Also called Sione’s Wedding.) [buy at Amazon]

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