Severance (review)

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Ever been on one of those corporate retreats? You know, you go away for a weekend to some remote spot with your fellow wage slaves and do rockclimbing and play volleyball and stuff, and it’s all supposed to make you work better as a team. Aren’t they deadly? Heh. British filmmaker Christopher Smith brings us one of the more outrageous black comedy/horror flicks I’ve ever seen here as the European sales department of — oh my — an international weapons contractor heads to a remote resort in the mountains of Bulgaria or somewhere automatically scary like that and learns what “relying on your coworkers” really means. Of course there are crazed killers on the loose, and if you’re suspecting that the employees of a global corporate arms dealer might have reason to be targeted, well, you’re right. The mostly unknown cast — Blackadder’s Tim McInnerny has the most recognizable face, and then only to Anglophiles — is fine and game for the killin’ to come, but the real star is the wonderfully twisted script, by Smith and James Moran, which is as brutally funny as it is just plain brutal.

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