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Arctic Tale (review)

National Geographic Films, the people who brought us March of the Penguins, now give us, in this powerfully moving documentary, an adorable baby polar bear and a cute baby walrus, creatures struggling to survive among the melting ice of the North Pole. Beautiful up-close footage of a landscape that is disappearing — thanks to the centuries of human dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere — and its endangered wildlife inhabitants brings us a more intimate look than we’ve ever seen before of the lives and adventures of animals we thought we knew… animals with more complex existences facing more touching and troubling trials than we ever realized. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by their plights, and not to want to run out of the theater bent on saving the planet for all of us, human and critter alike.

MPAA: rated G

viewed at a private screening with an audience of critics

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