Daddy Day Camp (review)

Full disclosure. I only saw the first hour of the 90-minute Daddy Day Camp. I didn’t storm out of the screening in disgust — it was a matter a logistics wherein the very late-starting Camp was going to run into my next screening across town — but if I were going to break my record of never, ever storming out of a movie in disgust, this would have been the movie to claim that honor. An excruiciating stew of kindergarten-level toilet humor and absurd (and false) sentimentality, this utterly unnecessary sequel to the 2003 movie about men attempting — and failing — to behave in anything approaching a parental manner will drive audiences of all ages and inclinations to gouge their eyes out. Eddie Murphy has been replaced by Cuba Gooding Jr. (whose Oscar surely must be revoked) doing an embarrassing minstrel performance as the new owner of a rundown summer camp that features exploding toilets, a crashing school bus, and juvenile charges who behave like zoo animals. Astonishingly, it makes the unendurable 2003 original look good, and summery cult classics like Meatballs look like Bergman. It’s absolutely impossible to imagine a universe in which the final 30 minutes make up for what comes before.

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