30 Days of Night (review)

The scariest thing about this horror flick? All of a sudden, I don’t think Josh Hartnett (Resurrecting the Champ) is a terrible actor, as I used to. Not that he has much to work with here, as a small-town sheriff under seige, but he tries, bless him. The concept? Brilliant. North of the Arctic Circle, in the impossibly remote town of Barrow, Alaska, there comes a day when the sun sets… and doesn’t rise again for a month. So of course it’s vampire nivrana. The execution? Oh, dear. Lost in a cold, desolate land full of style but bereft of context, all creepy setting and inexplicable monsters and nothing else, this is an Alien-esque and-then-there-were-none story in which the monsters remain elusive enigmas, and not in a good way, and their prey, Our Heroes, are even worse, blank stereotypes — the cop, the kid, the pain in the ass, etc. — for whom it’s impossible to feel any true sympathy. There’s no sense of the oppressiveness of the long dark, no sense of being cut off from the rest of the world — wouldn’t someone notice that no one is answering the phones or responding to email?

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