Soul Men (review)

It’s one of Bernie Mac’s (Transformers) last performances, and it’s his first and only appearance onscreen with Samuel L. Jackson (Lakeview Terrace). Pity it’s not worth it even for that. The two are former 60s soul superstars who’ve hit the skids since but reteam now for a tribute concert to a former bandmate… if they can drive across country from California to New York for the show without killing each other. It’d be a step up if we could call this a poor Odd Couple knockoff, but it’s not even that good: it’s more like a juvenile grossout comedy for oldsters (though neither Mac nor Jackson is anywhere near old enough), with a side helping of Viagara with every stupid boner joke. The classic-esque 60s R&B music ain’t half bad… but there ain’t half enough of it, though.

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