trailer break: ‘Star Trek’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

(Or, the Star Trek trailer at Apple Trailers: bigger, crisper, clearer.)
The wait is not over! In a parallel universe where Paramount didn’t move the release date from now to next bloody summer, the wait is over. But not here. Not in this universe. In what sense is the wait over?


This release-date-postponement thing could in fact mean we’re living in the evil mirror-image universe. Has anyone checked Paramount execs for evil little goatees and ritual knives at their waists? It would explain so much.

Honestly, I think I’m more disappointed over Trek getting pushed to next summer than I am Harry Potter getting the same treatment. I got chills watching this — chills. Chills like haven’t gotten since, I think, that first Phantom Menace trailer a decade ago. I don’t mean to suggest that this is gonna turn out the way that did — I trust J.J. Abrams a helluva lot more than I trust George Lucas these days. I just mean: Holy crap, new Star Trek!

For fun, the license plate on Kirk’s (borrowed? stolen?) sports car:

(Not much else to do there out among the arcologies of Iowa, I guess.)

Building starships at the bottom of a gravity well?

(That doesn’t seem like the smartest thing ever.)

Zachary Quinto looks amazing as Spock:

Ditto Simon Pegg as Scotty:

Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike? Coolest. Casting. Ever.

Stargate’s Paul McGillion is in this (though not, as far as I could tell, in the trailer)? Suh-weet!

Eric Bana is unrecognizable. Damn.

Final thought: That is sooo the rock monster from Galaxy Quest, isn’t it:

Star Trek opens in the U.S. and in the U.K. on May 8, 2009.

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