my week at the movies: ‘Fanboys,’ ‘Inkheart,’ ‘Two Lovers,’ ‘The Class’

Oh boy: Fanboys (opens in the U.S. on February 6; no U.K. release date has yet been announced) is about a buncha geeks who, a decade ago, made a pilgrimage to Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of The Phantom Menace. It’s sort of adorable, now, how much we all thought that movie wasn’t gonna suck. This film stars the wildly unappealing Dan Fogler and has traveled a rocky road itself, which is often a bad sign. But it does feature William Shater and Kevin Smith as themselves, and Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams as not themselves. So it could be fun.

Tomorrow as Barack Obama is getting sworn in as our new president, I’ll be about halfway through Inkheart (now playing in the U.K.; opens in the U.S. on January 23). I’m just saying, is all. The trailer looks okay, and anyway, I’ll be DVRing the inauguration to watch later…

Did you see this terrifying picture of Joaquin Phoenix that was at the Daily News site yesterday? What a shame that he’s given up his acting career, because I hear they’re casting for The Grizzly Adams Story. Man, I hope he doesn’t look like this in Two Lovers (now playing on HDnet Ultra VOD; opens theatrically in limited releases in the U.S. on February 13, and in the U.K. on February 27). I mean, he looks like his usual quirkily handsome self in the trailer, but maybe they left the horrifying stuff out so as not to scare us off…

The Class (opens in limited release in the U.S. on January 30, and in the U.K. on February 27) won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year and is on the short list for Oscar consideration for Best Foreign Language Film. (We’ll know on Thursday morning if it’s one of the five nominees.) It’s the based-on-fact story of an inner-city Parisian schoolteacher. I hear they thought of calling it Le Stand et Deliver.

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