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trailer break: ‘The Proposal’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Oh, ugh. It’s Green Card meets 9 to 5. See, cuz sexual harrassment is funny when it happens to guys, and it’s romantic, too. Cuz, holy crap, you just know they’re gonna actually fall in love by the end of this. And then I shall go on a shooting rampage, I swear to god I will. And I will not be convicted by a jury of my peers. My peers being people inspired to go on shooting rampages by phony romantic comedies starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. And there’s gotta be millions of us. Gotta be.

For better or worse? I’m thinking, for worse.

The Proposal opens in the U.S. on June 19, and in the U.K. on July 22.

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  • RogerBW


    Small-town folksiness conquers all, cuz those people who live in big cities just aren’t Real Americans. You betcha!

    And here’s an example of the level of care that went into this film: she falls out of the wrong side of the boat.

  • MaSch

    sexual harrassment is funny when it happens to guys

    Another hard evidence that feminists love to practice double standards. Could you imagine anyone writing that sexual harassment is funny or romantic when it happens to women? You could also have been so respectful to talk of “men”, not “guys” (but it is probably an improvement to the often-used “dudes”)

    Oops, sorry. Just realized my name isn’t Tim …

  • mortadella

    Uh, MaSch, you didn’t catch the sarcasm in that sentence you highlighted? For real? Or were you kidding? I’m sorry, I can’t tell.

    Also, there are plenty of films where sexual harassment and similar behavior aimed towards women is funny….try every prick flick comedy that has come out in the past six years and keep working your way back. The protagonist in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” practically assaults a woman client before bedding her. Then think about “Miss March” and “Observe and Report” and keep going.
    And gosh, ever see a film where a kidnapped female falls in love with her captor? I have. And remember that soap opera where the rape victim ended up marrying her attacker?
    So gee, chicks often have to have thick skin when they surf the cinematic waves, so to speak.
    Oh yeah….errrr, does being called a “guy” really offend you? Haha. OK. Whatever.

    “Feminist” isn’t a bad word.

  • MaSch

    I thought my sly little reference to Tim (i.e. Tim1974) was a good indicator of my level of seriousness. Which means, yeah, I was kidding (trying to imagine “what would an MRA-troll do with this part of a sentence?”).


    But “crevice” is.

  • mortadella

    Ah! Well played sir…or madame. ;)

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