not my review of ‘District 9,’ but…

I won’t review District 9 till closer to the release date, but I can’t not say something right now. I saw the film tonight, and as I tweeted immediately after:

maryannjohanson literally has chills from how absolutely fucking genius DISTRICT 9 is

I feel the same way I felt almost 20 years ago, the first time I saw Until the End of the World, back in 1991. Not the two films are anything much alike, but back then, I felt like I’d just seen the first movie of the 21st century. Tonight, I felt like I was seeing the future of science fiction. Filmmakers are gonna be imitating the look and feel of District 9 for years to come, and few of them are gonna get it right.

Remember this summer of 2009. Between District 9 and Torchwood: Children of Earth, we are looking at the surfacing of a new kind of science fiction that is fierce and dark, and not in the least bit slick and not in the least bit fantastical, for all the imagination that SF involves. And it’s not a future that Hollywood has much to do with, either: it’s about new voices and different perspectives than we’ve seen and heard before.

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