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trailer break: ‘A Perfect Getaway’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

I so thought Announcer Guy was gonna say this island was “as beautiful as it is deadly.”

Oh, man, does the trailer give away the fact that Tim Olyphant is the killer?… [waits] Ah, it’s not meant to be a secret: Olyphant is not a secret psycho: he’s comfortable with himself and out of the closet with teh crazi. That’s nice.

It would be much funnier if Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich turned out to be the killers, though. No one ever suspects the little guy.

So eventually they will have some dinosaurs on this dinosaur island of theirs, right?

A Perfect Getaway opens in the U.S. on August 7, and in the U.K. on August 12.

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