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trailer break: ‘District 9’ trailer 2

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Nice. After that ominous and enigmatic first trailer, this one gives us more hints at the story, a taste of the action (which doesn’t look quite like the usual stuff while still clearly designed to get the adrenaline flowing), and a sense of even greater threat and gloom than the first trailer!

That last is pretty amazing, actually: trailers typically are able to maintain mystery or else they give too much away, but this one is appropriately teasing without — it seems — spoiling too much of the story. As trailers go, this is awesome.

And this second trailer ups my “I can’t wait to see this” factor for District 9, too. So many moments here in this trailer alone make me want to freeze-frame and check out all the detail — already I know I’m gonna have to buy the DVD and study the film.

District 9 opens in the U.S. on August 14, and the U.K. on September 4.

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