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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Uncensored Red Band Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos
I may regret my little foray into the mind of Tucker Max. Oh, I don’t mean that I’ll regret all the little Tucker Max fanboys coming out of the woodwork to attack me for daring to have opinions to go with my tits. I mean that I’m getting the feeling that I’m never going to be able to unwatch this movie after I’ve watched it — which I will do this evening — and that I’m going to wish I could.

I wish I understood guys like Tucker Max, and those who enjoy this shit. Well, no, I don’t really wish that, but look: I’m mystified. There’s nothing wrong with sex. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying other people’s bodies. I just don’t understand why guys like Max and his devotees believe a woman’s body starts south of her head. Why don’t they just get themselves a Real Doll and save themselves the whole lotta hassle that comes with a female who has a mouth that does something other than suck dick?

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell opens in the U.S. on September 25; no U.K. release date has been announced.

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Sun, Sep 20, 2009 5:39pm

Uhh.. is there a movie to go with this shit?

“no U.K. release date has been announced.” makes me happy.

Wed, Sep 23, 2009 4:00am

well at least your giving your honest opinion, and not doing the incredibly trendy (and pathetic) thing alot of women are doing…pretending to not have an opinion, so men will like them.

Blog girl
Wed, Sep 30, 2009 9:10am

I’m sure this horrible and troubling film will do well enough with the frat boy types it has been engineered to appeal to, and date-rape culture will continue to thrive on college campuses.

Mon, Feb 08, 2010 3:30am

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