trailer break: ‘The Fourth Kind’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

It’s total bullshit, of course. No scene in this movie is supported by archive footage, though it does appear to be the case that Milla Jovovich appears in the film. This is all entirely invented, wholly fictional (the Anchorage Daily News did some investigating).

But it’s spooky, right?

It’s interesting to me that Hollywood has put so much time and effort and money into creating illusions of things that cannot be but that are utterly convincing that we’ve got jaded with the fakery. It seems that the best way to get a scare out of us these days is to attempt to convince us that it’s all really real. (See also: Paranormal Activity.)

The nice people of Alaska ain’t fooled in either direction, though. As the Anchorage Daily News explains, Nome, Alasksa, wishes it were that picturesque:

The Fourth Kind opens in the U.S. on November 6; no U.K. release date has been announced yet.

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