poster convergence: ‘Legion’ and ‘Tooth Fairy’

Two movies opening on the same day (in North America, at least), and both feature fantastical winged creatures. Coincidence… or magical intervention?
In these desperate times, when change we can believe in seems far away and hope is waning, can we at least count on our flying imaginary friends for comfort? Shall we embrace the succor offered by Paul Bettany as a warrior for God? Or should we turn to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as an enchanted pixie who invades the bedrooms of our innocent sleeping children?

(More coincidence: On January 22, Bettany also opens in North America as Charles Darwin in Creation. Which film do you think mainstream American audiences will like more: the one in which he plays an angel? or the one in which he plays the bastard who killed God?)

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