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‘Caprica’ blogging: “End of Line”

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(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)
Wait! I don’t remember those previously-on scenes with Clarice talking about being challenged for the leadership of the STO or the STO leadership on Geminon or Zoe’s “apotheosis program” or the infinity bike chain. WTF? Where did that come from? Are they frakking with us? Were they worried that we wouldn’t understand when Clarice suddenly shows up in Barnabus’s face and threatens him? (I think we would have got it.)

Oh, man, they’re obviously determined to leave us depressed and miserable and hanging in the end. There’s poor Cute Lab Boy: he’s sincere about not caring what “Rachel” looks like. And then he totally thinks it’s hot that she’s the robot. And then he dies. Such is the fate of the geek. There’s Poor Lacy, getting sucked in to being a terrorist and she won’t be able to extricate herself. There’s poor Nestor, who presumably got blowed up real good after Clarice jumped out of the car to watch Amanda commit suicide. There’s poor Amanda, who maybe did commit suicide…

And we can’t be sure that Amanda escaped this terrible fate. Perhaps she really is dead, and then Joseph has the evening-out he wanted, if through none of his doing. We can’t be sure that the Zoe-avatar survives her crash — perhaps there’s a backup of her the avatar somewhere, maybe in the V-world or as part of that heretofore unmentioned “apotheosis program.”

I do wonder this: If Amanada is not entirely mentally healthy, and Zoe was her daughter, and avatar-Zoe is based on organic-Zoe, does that mean that all the Cylons are, at their root, basically Not At All Well?

Oh, and there’s poor Joseph, too, zapped by Tamara right out of New Cap City. It doesn’t mean he can’t ever see her again, but she’d have to leave New Cap City. And ah, I knew it! Ol’ Doc Fraser is Joseph’s secret guide in New Cap City. Poor her: she’s totally in love with him, and probably has been for years, and now he’s single, but she knows how awful it would be for her to pursue him, he’s a grieving widow and father… Gah!

And why is the Caprica gone?! Frak this. The frakkin’ best show on TV, and it’s gone till September. Why?

Random thoughts on “End of Line”:

• Amanda’s got an iPad!

• Clarice putting the gun in Barnabus’s face and inviting him to go talk to God made me think of Indy inviting Belloq to a similar divine conversation in Raiders of the Lost Ark

• Ah, and here we see that impossible keychains are another inevitable given of human civilization.

• Ooo, that military lady who was on Wormole Xtreme has totally got Daniel Graystone’s number, don’t she?

• Eros Day card — nice.

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MPAA: rated TV14-LV

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