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trailer break: ‘She’s Out of My League’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Fantastic! Yet another movie that indulges the male fantasy that no matter how much of a pathetic dork a guy is, he can snag a girlfriend so hot that she walks in slow motion and carries her own wind with her, likes hockey, doesn’t wear underwear, inspires other dorks to insult the women they’re lucky enough to have snagged themselves, and is granted immunity to break FAA regulations as she sees fit.

I so can’t wait to want to vomit after this one.

She’s Out of My League opens in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. on March 12.

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  • AJP

    Is it just me, or was the dark haired girl on the airplane much more attractive than the lead?

  • Martin

    Whilst I’m sure that the film will end up being that cliché male fantasy of pulling above your ‘weight’, I’m insulted at the insinuation the trailer makes that there is absolutely no reason on this Earth why a woman like that would go out with a guy like that.

    The beautiful people stay with the beautiful people whilst the freaks have to ‘make do’ with each other, and never the two should mix.

    Forget compatibility of personalities or interests, it’s all about how ‘hot’ you are.

    But somehow, I doubt the film will address this issue and conform to the aforementioned male fantasy.

  • Kenny

    I’m absolutely with Martin on this. I’m going to be brutally honest about it… as far as physical attractiveness goes, my girlfriend is a beautiful 10, and I’m lucky if, on a good day, I rate a 7.

    And you know what? Nobody has ever said a thing about it. She likes me for the same reasons I like her… because we’re so much more than single dimension movie characters. She isn’t just ‘hot girl’. She’s an artist, she sings, she is very intelligent and has a great sense of humour.

    If this movie somehow manages to explore what it is about these two people that they attractive in each other… and the trailer just isn’t representative of the real plot, then great. However the premature ejaculation joke and the fact that it’s a hot girl with an average Joe (instead of the other way round, which might be slightly interesting) leads me to suspect that I’ll want to vomit when it’s done too.

  • mortadella

    Well, ditto to what everyone posted so far…but truly, the male lead is rather cute. Why wouldn’t see like him? I know, from Hollywood’s viewpoint Jay may be a bit skinny or whatever the hell, but I can’t believe the ENTIRE movie is about the impossibility of this hook-up. We see this crap ALL the time with more improbable couples in film and TV…..and it’s always a bore.

  • mortadella

    Sorry, I wrote “see” when I meant “she.”

  • Isobel

    These films wouldn’t be quite so annoying if there were also films about an average looking girl who had a completely stunning man fall for her, but I’ve never seen it happen in the movies. If there’s ever an ‘ugly’ girl it’s a beautiful actress playing her and she gets a miraculous beauty makeover at some point during the film. Bah.

  • AJP

    The only mvoies even remotely close to the “ordinary looking girl fascinates cute guy” plot that I can think of are the Molly Ringwold movies like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. Whether you think Ringwold is an “ordinary looking girl” or that a guy who looked like Andrew McCarthy or Michael schoeffling would be out of her league is, I think, an open question.

    On the other than, Hollywood throws the opposite at us all the freakin’ time. The true silliness of this movie is that it somehow pretends that this is something that anyone familiar with the media would think was unheard of. Meanwhile, movies and television throw couples like Kevin James and leah Remini, Jim Belusi and Courtney Thorne Smith, Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, John Cullum and Cynthia Geary, ad nauseum at us.

  • Drave

    Isobel: You know what? I want to see that movie as well. I’ll get cracking on the script.

  • Chris

    This movie looks like crap. And that’s all I have to say about that.
    People are mentioning that they never see an “average girl getting a ‘hot’ guy” in films. One movie I can think of is May (2002). Definately not a romantic comedy, but it’s not your usual movie. Check it out!


  • Kenny

    But actually… if I think about it, Renée Zellweger was as close to ‘plain’as Hollywood ever comes in Bridget Jone’s Diary. She was definitely made out to be the dorky 5 in that movie to Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s 10. Even with the gender reversals, the dorky character is still ritualistically humiliated for the entire running time.

    Oh and I am going to make a call that the dark haired bitchy girl ends up with the asshole guy who makes the ‘Moodle’ comment at the start.

  • i think i recall a german movie made in the 80s, called something like “Sweetie Pie” or “Sugar Plum” about a large, plain girl who falls for a very good looking train conductor and sets about wooing him. there was an american version (made for tv, maybe?) starring rickie lake, which didn’t have quite the same ending as the german movie. but that’s the only example i can think of.

  • mel

    Is the beefcake guy supposed to be the better looking one, coz i don’t see that either.

    Plain girl = ponytail and overalls, a la ‘Not another teen movie”

  • I’m so completely conflicted on this film. I loathe this genre of filmmaking as much as Mary Ann does, but I can’t help but wonder where this film is going to end up from the premise.

    The description of the film (on wikipedia, mind you, so grain of salt and all) makes it seems like the girl likes the guy but his friends trip him mentally up by saying she’s too hot for him so he gets clumsy. Which is a reasonable enough a premise for a film, I mean, it’s not like beautiful people only care about looks in potential dating material. People randomly encounter another all the time and form lasting relationships.

    But what then? I can only see two possible ways the film makers can take this (given the current immaturity of Hollywood, the guy will always get the girl, so I’m excluding ‘Chasing Amy’ endings)

    1.) The guy does a bunch of bullshit that would make anyone think he’s crazy, including putting the girl in situations where she’s embarrassed over him. Despite this, though, she puts up with it for a stupid reason (such as liking a character trait he clearly does not possess) or an unexplained reason (such as ‘I like him and will up with anythign for it’) and accepts a feeble apology in the end (a la Superbad — worst movie ever made).

    2.) The guy is awkward and uncomfortable around her for a while (but does not do completely retarded things) until the girl realizes why, and helps him get over the psychological hump by explaining that she’s NOT, in fact, out of his league due to some charming aspect of his personality that is actually present in the film or an average-to-uncommon personality quirk they both display (despite her being ‘beautiful’).

    The second option could make this at least a ‘Wait for DVD’ in the end, but the first I will avoid like the plague.

    I’m interested in knowing what Mary Ann’s opinion ends up being.

  • People are mentioning that they never see an “average girl getting a ‘hot’ guy” in films. One movie I can think of is May (2002).

    A better choice would be either one of the two Hairspray movies or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Of course, one could always argue that the women in these movies weren’t really that average and the guys not quite hot but they come closer than May in which the main problem seems to lie more in the title character’s personality issues rather than in her looks. YMMV, of course.

    I always thought the ultimate example of a “romance” in which a man and a woman are attracted to one another by reasons that have nothing to do with looks is Harold and Maude. Granted, this was already an old movie when I first saw in the 1980s and it seems like a joke to mention it. But it’s one of the few movies I know of that not only successfully conveys such a relationship but also does a good job of poking fun at the conventional view of such a relationship. Plus it has a nice pro-life message that I found more convincing in my suicidal period than the similar message of Ordinary People.

    Once again, YMMV.

  • AlsoKT

    Two things: 1) I really (really) don’t get the linear, 10-point looks scale. There are so many dimensions and variables to beauty that I don’t understand how it works. Is the token girlfriend supposed to be UNattractive? Is Krysten Ritter? The GUYS are unattractive because they’re childish, sexist assholes. Where does that go on the scale?

    2) That said, would a 5 on such a scale who liked hockey be acceptable? Or do points for common interests only count after a certain threshold of attractiveness?

    That’s all the thought I’m giving this for now.

  • youdontknow

    My question to you is this, MaryAnn:

    Why would you put a trailer of a movie you’re dreading on your site?

    Just a thought.

  • amanohyo

    Why wouldn’t she put the trailer to a movie she was dreading on her site? She clearly has some fairly strong opinions about the trailer if she’s taken the time to single out the movie in the bias meter. Are you suggesting that she shouldn’t express those opinions? It doesn’t generate any positive publicity if she does; if anything it might convince a few people not to see the movie.

  • Yeah, MAJ, why don’t you only review movies you are sure you’ll like? Then, you can get accused of being exclusionist! ;)

  • youdontknow

    Good point amanohyo..

    And Accounting Ninja, you took it to a whole different level that gives a little insight into how much time you spend thinking about your comments before you post them. We’re obviously not talking about the reviews here..let’s get with the program, shall we..

  • JoshB

    And Accounting Ninja, you took it to a whole different level that gives a little insight into how much time you spend thinking about your comments before you post them.

    Ninja basically made the same point that amanohyo made, only she was less polite about it. I can’t say that I blame her. Ask a stupid question, get a sarcastic answer.

  • Accounting Ninja

    Actually, I spent A LOT of time churning that one up! I replayed it in my head over and over, laughing a little bit more everytime. Such multi-faceted jokes only come about once in a great while, after all. When I hit “post”, I knew I had contributed something truly great to the annals of human history.

  • @Accounting Ninja: that’s actually funnier than the post you’re joking about. LOL

  • JohnnyInc

    Seems like they are trying to appeal to the fanboys who think their personality will win over their fantasy women. Sort of like Twilight for young male geeks. Seems like a boy-meets-girl-but-his-lack-of-confidence-makes-him-leave-girl-so-she-can-be-happy-but-realizes-she-makes-him-happy-and-rushes-after-her-to-profess-his-love-and-win-her-heart movie.

  • Stefanie

    Just to throw a title out there, what about Circle of Friends as a story about the (supposedly) not-hottest girl getting the (supposedly) hot guy, although with many complications thrown in? (I read the book over a decade ago but did not see the movie–not sure how much they diverge.)


    From what I can remember and see on Wikipedia, at the end of the book they do not end up together, but at the end of the movie they do.

  • oh yes, that was the movie where Minnie Driver was the “ugly” girl… (shakes head) honestly. and yeah: SPOILER

    in the movie they end up together. but i haven’t read the book, so i don’t know how else they might diverge.

  • Plain girl gets hunk? Does Dirty Dancing count? Silly as it seems to me, I know several women who will swear that that movie spoke to them at a time when they needed it. Is there a hotness differential there that’s informing that reaction?

  • cheamo

    I think the ’10’ girl in this movie is kind of ugly and is by no means out of that guy’s league. Anyone else think so?

  • On “Dirty Dancing”: a funny nose on a hot body makes her unworthy of Patrick Swayze? (I know I spelled his name wrong but I’m too lazy to look it up). I heard Jennifer Grey “fixed” her nose and stopped getting work because no one recognized her, or she lost her girl next door appeal, or something like that. I hope she saved her money.

  • Plain girl gets hunk? Does Dirty Dancing count?

    Well, if you’re the type of person who considers the young Jennifer Grey unattractive, yes. However, I’m not that type of person. Jennifer Grey is “plain” in the same sense that the young Amy Irving or Nancy Allen was “plain.” YMMV, of course.

  • drewryce

    Classic Hollywood had any number of films where the average sort of good girl next door got the hero after he came to his senses and dumped the hot bad girl siren type.
    In truth, that formula has fallen on hard times.

    One question though, since personal beauty is such a significant factor in an actresses success is there a predisposition for the roles that might have been written for a “normal” actress to be cast with better known “hotties”.

    I am thinking of something like “White Palace”, obviously written for a Kathy Baker or Kathy Bates that goes to Susan Sarandon, or, more recently, “I Could Never Be Your Girl” where the 40s woman paired with a 20s man is played by Michele Pffiffer (sorry about the mis-spell).

    Are the “hot” actresses knocking the “normal” actresses out of their natural roles?

  • You could watch “A Sure Thing” starring John Cusack as a guy who gets over his hang up on pure beauty, at least I think that was the name of the movie. The only problem was, the heroine dumped a boyfriend who was remarkably like me to go out with John’s immature character who taught her new and improved ways to guzzle beer.

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