Mickey Rourke as Genghis Khan, Ridley Scott returns to ‘Alien,’ deliver us from Breck Eisner, more: leftover links

Every week my browser gets cluttered up with tabs for stuff that I stumble across and figure I might be able to use as a Question of the Day or a WTF Thought for the Day or grist for some other post. And inevitably, I end the week with most of that material unused. But there’s no reason to let this stuff go to waste: I can still share it with you, for your amusement, and start the new week with a clean slate.

Herewith this week’s leftover links, in no particular order:
Is He Kidding? Mickey Rourke as Genghis Khan?

Story Details for Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Prequel

Breck Eisner Directing ‘Escape From New York’ Remake

How Many Wall-Es and Na’vis End Up In The Trash?

James Bond film suspended amid MGM uncertainty

Could Sam Worthington Become the Next James Bond?

Iron Man 2 grounded by ash cloud

Comedy Central re-ups Stewart, Colbert deals

Producer Mike S. Ryan challenges the current preoccupations of our independent film scene

The next superhero reboot movie will be Mighty Mouse

The 12 most “inspiring” examples of environmentalism in sci-fi

Scott Baio’s Online Meltdown: A Complete Timeline

Robert Downey Jr. Eyes ‘Wizard of Oz’ Prequel

Deciding What Is ‘Suitable’ in Movie Ads

For Reasons Unknown, Ukrainian Journalist Sends First Underwater Tweet

Many Puzzled by Israel’s iPad Ban

Independent Film Rakes in $166K Thanks To Social Media

Writers: Making a Living Off of Kindle?

Bauer’s freelancers up in arms over new contracts

Samsung issue health warning about 3D TV

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Spawns Competing ‘Treasure Island’ Films

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven voted top rock song of all time

Commuter who wrote fantasy novel on his phone on verge of multi-million dollar movie deal

There’s a New TV Network Coming That’s Even More Conservative Than Fox News

The Brave Online World of Linking, Borrowing and Attributing (Or Not)

(You’ll notice a few links regarding media issues beyond filmed entertainement, especially some concerning books/ebooks, gadgets like the iPad, social media, and issues around creators of digital content. It’s becoming clearer to me that these matters are becoming increasingly connected, and as I explore what it means to be film critic in this post-film-critic era, it’s obvious that these won’t be things I can ignore.)

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Sun, Apr 25, 2010 6:18pm

I quite like Kelsey Grammer… does this mean he’s an ultra right wing conservative, or just a face the ultra right wing conservatives feel they can connect with?

Sun, Apr 25, 2010 11:26pm

Kenny: Probably the former. He _did_ star in An American Carol, after all.

I used to have no trouble at all with right-wing celebrities, but they just keep crossing into lunacyville. Adam Baldwin’s insane rant about Multiculturalism in Sesame Street, Ben Stein’s odious pro-ignorance position in “Expelled”, Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic drunk rant. Victoria Jackson… just no… Jesus, no. Now when a celebrity self-identifies with the Republican party or the right-wing, I get the “that’s a shame, he seemed like a nice person” out of my system immediately; it’s only a matter of time before they say something cruel or insane enough to deserve it later.