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omg: lightsaber chopsticks!

I want. Probably the Luke lightsaber chopsticks pictured [Amazon U.S.]. Or maybe I should buy the Yoda and Vader set [Amazon U.S.] so both a guest and I can use the Force while we eat our dumplings.

Product features (via Amazon):

* Chopsticks in the shape of your favorite Jedi weapons
* Fully licensed Lucasfilm collectible
* Imported from Japan
* Luke Skywalker, blue, 23cm long
* Lightsabers do not light up or slice effortlessly through flesh. Sorry.

InventorSpot has pix of Mace Windu and Darth Maul versions, which will apparently not be available till August.

Did I mention that I want?

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  • Oh hell yes also want. The ones in your picture there are blue, though. They aren’t Luke’s. And I would want the Darth Maul ones. They snap together into one double-sided chopstick! That is amazingly cool, regardless of how impractical it is.

  • Bassygalore

    Whoa! That is really, really cool and sadly may encourage me to eat with chopsticks.

  • MaryAnn

    They aren’t Luke’s

    Luke’s lightsaber was most certainly blue.

  • bats :[

    Lightsabers do not light up or slice effortlessly through flesh.

    And why the hell not?

  • Luke’s lightsaber was most certainly blue.

    Oh wait, his first one was blue, wasn’t it? The one Obi-Wan gives him? But then the one he builds himself is green. That’s the one featured on this page that you linked to. I guess they make both? I always liked his green one better, so that’s just the first one I think of.

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