question of the day: Who should replace Larry King? Who deserves his or her own high-profile talk show?

Larry King Live is dead. Long live Larry King Live… without Larry King?

Larry King has announced that his long-running (25 years) talk show on CNN will end sometime this fall, because the 77-year-old wants to spend time with his kids going to their Little League games. Seriously. Most men of his age are going to the Little League games of their grandkids and greatgrandkids, but not King. And this is America: spending time with the kids you fathered in your late 60s with your eighth wife sounds better than “My rating are crap and I’m an old fart who’s out of touch, and if I couldn’t be bothered to prepare for my interviews a quarter of a century ago, I’m sure as hell not gonna start now.”

Hunter Walker at The Wrap got some reaction from CNN insiders:

Multiple network insiders told TheWrap that, with all of the problems with his ratings and his marriage, King had become a liability to the network. “Larry King leaving doesn’t worry anyone. What worries people is who replaces him,” one told TheWrap.

Dylan Stableford in another piece at The Wrap offers his own “shortlist of candidates” to replace King: Anderson Cooper, Joy Behar, Katie Couric, Piers Morgan, Ryan Seacrest, Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck, and Campbell Brown.

CNN is refusing so far to say anything about what will happen to its weeknight 9pm slot. Whatever sort of programming does end up there — and it seems likely that it will be another interview show like King’s — will follow the bizarre pairing of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and conservative columnist Kathleen Turner, who will host a new roundtable show at 8pm.

Who should replace Larry King? Who deserves his or her own high-profile talk show?

Someone like Jon Stewart, who could really bring the bullshit meter, would be great, but it’s hard to see him leaving Comedy Central… except his interviews will guests are frequently breaking out of the 10-minute slot The Daily Show allots, and the uncut versions he posts online are some of the hardest-hitting journalism happening today. Which is pathetic, that it’s the court jester who’s conducting them, but CNN would be lucky to get Stewart.

It would be nice if, whomever CNN chose to replace King, he or she was someone of substance, not someone of fluff.

What do you think?

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