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trailer break: ‘Let Me In’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Get ready for all the “Don’t spoil!”/“Revealing XYZ is not a spoiler!” discussions, à la the one we had in comments after my brief review of Let the Right One In, the Swedish film of which this is a remake. I suppose some of those discussions will be curtailed by the fact that one aspect of this story that some considered a spoiler for me to reveal in my review of that film (even though it’s something that is apparent from the opening moments of that film) is “spoiled” right here in the trailer.

The redband trailer — which you can watch on the film’s Facebook page; it’s not embeddable — could be seen as revealing even more.

Whether you think the trailer reveals too much or not, the fact that this is based on a very recent movie that lots of genre fans are already familiar with will certainly impact how this film is appreciated. Has director Matt Reeves somehow taken into account the fact that much of his intended audience will already be familiar with the original film (far more than will have read the book, most likely)?

Let Me In opens in the U.S. and Canada on October 1, and in the U.K. on October 29.

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  • Chloe

    I would like to see this. I read the book and then saw the Sweedish film, both of which are really good. The trailer showed some familiar scenes, so it looks like it is sticking with its source material. If it is anything close to the Sweedish version it will be great.

  • Aaron

    I remember reading a interview with Matt Reeves where they asked him what the point was in remaking such a brilliant film. His excuse was that he wasn’t remaking it so much as doing a new interpretation of the book. Now here comes the trailer with shots lifted straight from the last film.

    Sometimes I really hate Hollywood.

  • Colin Burgess

    I loved the original, and the trailer makes me want to run away screaming in EXACTLY the wrong way.

    That said, I’ve learnt to never trust trailers in depicting what the film will ultimately be like, so I’ll probably still see it.

  • markyd

    The original is one of the most overrated movies of the past few years. I remember being excited to see it, and then letting out a big “huh?” when the credits rolled. I can’t even remember much about it.
    This trailer doesn’t make this version look any better.

  • SaintAndy

    I remember reading an article on io9 where they said that the American remake draws more inspiration from the book, than the original film ..meaning it should include some original material. However, it seems in the American (will see if it’s pointless or not when the film comes out) adaptation, Eli is a girl …without a twist .. which kind of diminishes the tragic aspect of the original film and the book, as well as downplaying the friendship between such different characters.

  • FB

    Seriously what is the point of this movie? It looks SO similar to Let The Right One In. The boy looks almost identical. I get they’re coming from the same source material so they’ll be similar but this looks so heavily “inspired” by the original. Which only came out in 2008. Clearly we don’t need a remake a couple of years later. Just cos a films not made in an English speaking country, doesn’t automatically mean it needs to be remade to reach a wider audience. Jeezo.
    Just why?

  • Barbana

    I try not to be one of those that trash something before I see it. So I shall refrain. Perhaps this will be excellent. It could happen.

    I just don’t understand why it really needed to be made at all. The original is excellent and it’s not like it’s old or hard to find or inaccessible to English speaking audiences. *shrug*

    I guess it comes down to why they think it needed to be remade. Did they think people wouldn’t read subtitles? Will other things be changed to make it more “friendly” to Western eyes? I’m thinking yes, and that saddens me.

    That being said, while the original film isn’t perfect it is a very different take on the vampire genre and if this remake encourages people to seek out the original and other foreign films then I say yay.

  • doa766

    you should post the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, it’s awesome

  • JoshDM

    This movie may kick ass.

    Get it?

  • Alli

    I still haven’t seen Let the Right One In yet. I plan on watching it this week. I probably won’t watch the American version though.

    doa766, really? I have mixed feelings about the Sucker Punch trailer. It looks crazy, but it kind of pisses me off. It’s supposed to be these girls fantasy worlds right? So who in the hell would imagine themselves dressed up in black leather like that? It’s pure male gaze bs from Snyder again. Not to mention, there’s a short clip where Baby Doll is being sexually assaulted, but it’s passed off here as sexy. I know Snyder said he liked woman at Comic-Con, but he sure doesn’t get us.

  • doa766

    @Alli: not all girls dream about unicorns, have you ever been to a goth rock/metal concert? girls there dress like the girls in the trailer because they like it and nobody makes them do it, and I bet they would say that Snyder nailed their fantasy world

  • Erin

    I am actually quite excited for this now. I am a huge fan of both the original and the novel and was very against this remake when I first heard about it. The trailers don’t do much for me other than sell me on the kids being able to pull off the roles (very important). The cast gives me hope, but more importantly, the chatter I’ve heard about the Comic Con footage is very positive. From what I understand the footage takes the story, makes it very relatable to an American audience that grew up in the 80’s (and not in any cheesy way) and does indeed seem to have an original take. Apparently Abby’s (Eli in the original) caretaker is a more fleshed out character, as he is in the book. I’m still a bit concerned, but other bloggers whose opinions I’ve come to trust are encouraged by what they’ve seen, so I plan on seeing it.

  • Alli

    I’m sorry doa766. I can’t speak for all women, of course, but I think most of us would not imagine ourselves in a mini-skirt in the snow. Also, you’re talking to a girl whose favorite bands include Bad Religion and the Sex Pistols. I still think this movie is more of a male fantasy than a female one.

  • doa766

    @Alli: of course most women wouldn’t enjoy that but some would

    and the main characters in Zack Snyder movies are not ordinary people, so the girl in the trailer is not a typical girl, just like Leonidas is not the typical guy

    since there’s plenty girls who dress like that because they like it, (just go to a goth club or recital and you’ll see) the movie is not sexist

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