you’re not helping: M. Night Shyamalan la-la-la can’t hear you…

…you people who hate his films more and more with each passing release. At least that’s how it sounds from a bizarre exchange at a recent press conference to promote The Last Airbender, as reported by Chicago Now’s Marcus Leshock. First came the question from a journalist:

You had a very strong start of your career with “The Sixth Sense.” Your movies have been very personal, however, the audience has lost faith in your work with ‘Lady in the Water’ and many of your recent productions. ‘Airbender’ feels like you want to captivate the audience again by becoming more commercial, am I right?

Shyamalan’s response?

I think if I thought like you, I’d kill myself.

So, Shyamalan doesn’t believe this is a fair representation of the track his career as been on? Or disagrees that Airbender is commercial? (Does he think it’s an art film?) Just WTF, anyway?

Leshock is just as baffled:

The truth is, while he may disagree with the inference, the question was well-worded and challenging. In other words – a good question. It could have inspired an answer so many of Shyamalan’s fans and detractors have been waiting for.

His vitriolic response not only shows a disdain for the audience, but it exudes such an arrogance – a “how DARE you” infer that there is any sort of critical backlash to my latest films. Is his inner circle so tight that Shyamalan doesn’t believe his critics exist – as if they’re phony monsters in cheesy suits lurking in that dark forest known as “on Google?”

Whatever Shyamalan’s reasons for saying what he said, it only reinforces the notion that he’s got his head so far up his own ass — a notion his movies of late have fostered — that he can’t see the angry mobs of cheated moviegoers in front of him.

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