trailer break: ‘The Winning Season’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Ah, and there’s the entire movie for ya. Just saved ya ten bucks.

I remember this flick from my childhood, when it was called The Bad News Bears. This is from filmmaker James C. Strouse, who made the indies Grace Is Gone and Lonesome Jim. I guess he figured arthouse sadness wasn’t working for him, so he went in the other direction, toward goofy feel-good sports movies. I never thought of Sam Rockwell as the new Walter Matthau, though. That’s kinda sad for Rockwell, actually.

I’ll tell ya why everyone will be renting this someday: to see an early performance by Rooney Mara. She’s not even mentioned in the trailer, but she’s the English-language girl with the dragon tattoo.

The Winning Season opens in New York and Los Angeles on September 3; no Canadian or U.K. release dates have been announced.

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