would you like me to link my reviews to DVD rental options?

Reader nyjm, in comments following my review of Agora, just out on DVD, would like me to link my reviews to Netflix, for easy adding of films to rental queues. Is this something that many of you would find useful?

If I were to do this, I’d also want to link to Canadian and British equivalents of Netflix… which are, as best as I can tell from my perch in the U.S., Zip.ca in Canada and LoveFilm in the U.K. Would readers in Canada and the U.K. please correct me if I’m wrong about this?

And then there’s the question of whether this would actually work, since the usefulness of these services lies behind your own personal account login. Here, for example, are the links I could offer for Agora:
Netflix: Agora

Zip.ca: Agora

LoveFilm: Agora

Do those links actually make it more useful for members to add DVDs to their queues?

Finally, unlike the Amazon links I offer, links to rental options wouldn’t get me any little affiliate kickback. (When you click on an Amazon link here and buy something — it doesn’t even have to be the item linked to, and you can make your purchase as far out as 30 days later — I get a tiny percentage of your sale, though it adds nothing to what you pay.) If you really would find rental links useful, I’ll be happy to start adding them to reviews from here on… though I’d be even happier to add them if, as a show of appreciation, you’d become a buck-a-month subscriber to FlickFilosopher.com by using one of the “support” links to PayPal or Amazon Payments in the lefthand column of most pages here, if you haven’t already done so.

So: lemme know what you think of the usefulness of rental links…

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