question of the day: What do you think of the Oscar winners and losers?

It turned out I was not able to watch the Oscar ceremony streaming live on last night, as sources indicated would be the case. So I’m waking up (late) this morning to discover that I underestimated the Academy’s love for The King’s Speech. I figured Colin Firth was a no-brainer — and I’m glad to see I was right about that — but I am genuinely surprised that it took Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay as well: I was sure The Social Network would win Best Picture… but I’m glad it didn’t, because Speech is the better film (though not by much).
I’m also surprised by Melissa Leo’s win for Best Supporting Actress for The Fighter. I’m not over enamored of the film itself, though it is only the performances that make it truly notable, so I don’t think the win is unfair. But there had been mutterings that Leo’s own personal campaign for the Oscar in the industry press had left a sour taste with members of the Academy (usually it’s studios who promote nominees in the leadup to the Oscars, not the nominees themselves). I guess, instead, the Academy members liked her spunk.

See all the nominees and winners here.

What do you think of the Oscar winners and losers? And was the ceremony any fun? How were James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts? What did I miss?

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