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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

I’m embarrassed to admit (but I’m gonna do it anyway)…

…that I dreamt last night about Robert Pattinson. Not in that way — he’s a little too young to interest me that way — but as part of a professional encounter. In the dream, we were at a press screening of something or other, and got to talking about something or other, and I accidentally called him “Michael.” Who knows why — it was a dream. But then I immediately realized my mistake and apologized, but he was cool about it, and laughed it off.

I’m not sure what may have prompted that dream… except I did have a conversation yesterday with my 13-year-old cousin who is totally on Team Jacob, so perhaps my brain was trying to balance that out somehow. (I guess we all have weird dreams about celebrities from time to time, since their faces and names are always in front of us.)

I confess, too, that I am curious, in a positive way, to see Water for Elephants, his upcoming flick, to learn if he will confirm my sneaking suspicion that he is a pretty good actor unfairly tarnished with the mopey vampire brush…

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