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question of the day: So who *will* direct the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’?

On Friday I posted an April Fool’s QOTD in which I suggested that Michael Bay was about to begin production on a ten-part 3D miniseries version of Neil Gaimain’s novel American Gods. As it turns out, I was unwittingly echoing Gaiman, who only a week earlier had announced that, indeed, a movie based on the book is in the works (from Digital Spy via MC in comments):

In a recent interview, Gaiman exclusively revealed to DS that a director “who has many, many Oscars” is already on board the project.

“I’m going to be having a meeting in LA with the people that the film rights have been sold to,” he confirmed. “I’m going to be… talking to them, find out where they’re going and if there’s any way that I can help.”

He also described the unnamed director attached to the film as “a genius”.

“He fell in love with this [novel] about six or seven years ago and has not given up,” explained the writer.

What? Who?! Who is this genius with “many, many Oscars” under his belt? I’d say Peter Jackson… but he’s only won three Oscars, and is pretty busy with The Hobbit right now. Steven Spielberg’s won “only” three Oscars, too. Martin Scorsese — now he would make a very interesting American Gods — has won only one Oscars. Argh!

So who will direct the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods?

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