Sci-Fi-London Easter parade fun! Part II

(continued from Part I)

There was a bit of a costume rummage free-for-all going on during the muster, as some people created costumes on the fly:

But some of those folks who came in costume looked sorta mishmashy. I’ll presume that was part of their thing:

I made these cops laugh by telling them I loved their costumes:

(The “prisoner” was a parade-marcher.)

The giraffe was not part of the parade, but a promo for the local Giraffe sandwich-and-coffee restaurant on Southbank, which we marched past:

The giraffe did hug the stormtrooper, which I missed snapping a pic of. Damn.

There were many littles on parade:

And of course you get little geeks from geek families:

(The baby’s onesie reads “I fight bad guys.”)

When a Jedi loves a Wonder Woman very much, they have super babies:

My dream come true — Time Lord sandwich!

An Eleven:

Sadly and surprisingly, though, no representation of old Who whatsoever except for an ace Ace:

Lining up for the parade:

And marching along Southbank:

Leading the procession was a lovely undead interpretation of this week’s royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Sci-Fi-London’s very own zombie royal wedding:

(See here for my video of the shuffling bridal march.)

ProperDave, who attended with my movie Meetup group Cinemarati, took lots of photos and video. See his slideshow here and his video here.

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