The Change-Up (redband trailer)

From the creators of Wedding Crashers comes… what? Marriage Crashers? Seriously Freaky Friday?

You know, not that long ago, there was that nice little scene in Sleepless in Seattle in which Tom Hanks’ widower is contemplating dating again, and he’s upset because he doesn’t know what tiramisu is. In this movie, that would a euphemism for a bizarre sexual position, or a particular style of pubic grooming, or perhaps the precise sort of explosive diarrhea one suffers from upon eating Thai food.

Is there nothing not crude and vulgar in the world anymore?

I’m going to wish for a magic fountain that, when hack Hollywood screenwriters piss into it, turns their words and ideas into sweet sublime wit.

Also: If Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are actively hoping to piss away their charms, they’re both doing excellent jobs of it.

The Change-Up opens in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. on August 5.

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