Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (trailer)

The first Ghost Rider was awful, but this one might not be so bad, if Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor bring more of their Crank insanity and not so much of their Gamer bullshit. The “I’m not afraid of you” / “You should be” bit is too obvious. The flaming-skull and flaming motorcycle could be cool, could be ridiculous, depending on how it’s handled. But the flaming urine? Pure crazy genius… of course that’s what happens when a hellspawn has to pee. If the whole movie is like that, we could be in for a good time.

He’s not in the trailer, but Ciaran Hinds appears in this as the Devil. I approve.

Gotta love how Neveldine and Taylor are introducing their “exclusive” trailer on iTunes… which was, approximately five seconds later, posted on YouTube.

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