Jonah Hex (review)

If Jonah Hex can talk to the dead, then he’s probably the only one (apart from Ned the Pie Man) who could have any meaningful interaction with this movie.

Gamer (review)

It’s visually incomprehensible, emotionally empty, thematically nihilistic, almost entirely plotless… and it thinks those are virtues.

trailer break: ‘Gamer’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… So the guys who did Crank and Crank: High Voltage — Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor — are back… and it looks a lot like a lot of other shit we’ve seen before, doesn’t it? Prisoners forced to play bloodsports? A game that’s really real? Gee, why … more…

Crank: High Voltage (review)

Take a look back at everything I wrote about the first *Crank,* and how wrong and evil and amoral and filthy and sordid that flick was, and double it. No, quintuple it. Also: quintuple how much I laughed.