What’s Your Number? (trailer)

Well, I need a shower after this trailer. On how many levels can the mere suggestion of a movie — as a trailer is — be wrong? I hate how this trailer makes me hate the Anna Faris character for being such a slutty idiot… and I hate the concept of “the slut.” Women should sleep with as many whomevers as they want without being disparaged for it… but they should do it in full awareness of their own sexuality and because it’s something they want, not out of desperation or self-delusion or anything negative and self-hurting.

I hate this: Why on Earth would this woman go back to all the apparently many men a romance did not work out with? Is she that self-loathing?

I hate this: I know that there will be no question in the movie of how many women the Chris Evans character has slept with.

I just plain hate this movie already.

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