The Three Musketeers (1948) (retro trailer)

You say the prospect of Paul W.S. Anderson’s gearpunk Three Musketeers is putting you off your feed? Try this! It’s in Technicolor, including some shades not found in nature. And it’s got musketeers who are all for one and one for all… one woman! See, it’s funny cuz they’re all after her like dogs in heat, or something. And then, when she says No, it turns out she totally means Kiss me you big 18th-century lug you. (But she’s grabbing a sword, so she’s probably gonna kill him, right?)

Unlike Anderson’s sure-to-be opus, this one doesn’t have 3D. But there are some painted backgrounds that are fairly hilarious. Also, there’s one bit with swordfighting on what looks like a Los Angeles golf course. Comedy gold.

UPDATE: If you get a “not available in your country” error, try one of these other instances of the trailer posted on YouTube: here and here. Both have had embedding disabled, so I can’t post them here.

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