question of the day: Has J.J. Abrams lost his mind?

J.J. Abrams

It’s like a negative Christmas present. Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel is punking geeks? From

J.J. Abrams to Convert ‘Star Trek 2′ to 3D After Shooting

We’d expect J.J. Abrams to know better than to do something like converting Star Trek 2 to 3D post-shooting. As the elected emperor of the film nerds, we’d expect Abrams to embrace the mentality about 3D: it should generally be reserved for films shot and visualized in the medium. A lot of movies opt to apply 3D post-shooting as what is widely considered a cheap ploy; 3D rarely contributes much to the moviegoing experience here. Then there are films like Avatar and Hugo, which were conceived and shot in 3D, and show in contrast how the technique can actually enhance the story and the world within the movie.

To Abrams’ credit, he seems to be taking a very thoughtful stance on the conversion, telling MTV that the production team will employ a “a good high-end conversion,” and that they “have the months needed to do it right.”


Has J.J. Abrams lost his mind?

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