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maryann johanson, ruining movies since 1997

The Devil Inside (redband trailer)

Apparently this shan’t be screening for critics before it opens in North America on Friday. I cannot say that I’m at all surprised to hear this: January seems to be the new month for bad exorcism flicks (last year it was The Rite).

“The Vatican did not endorse this film.” *snort* I’m sure the Vatican isn’t even aware of this film.

“Inspired by true events.” *snort* Yeah, inspired by the fact that cheap, clichéd horror flicks hardly ever fail to turn a profit.

Ya gotta pretty much love, though, that this is “redband” because a double-jointed contortionist says “Fuck” to a priest.

US/Canada release date: Jan 6 2012 | UK release date: Mar 2 2012

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