Upside Down (trailer)

So there’s no official site, there’s no release date set for either the U.S. or the U.K. — in fact, the film doesn’t appear to have distribution deals in either region — but folk are getting excited, thanks to this French trailer. (The film does appear to have distribution in France, Germany, and Canada.)

The concept does look intriguing: two worlds with their own indepedent gravity, so they hang opposite each other.

Upside Down trailer image

It’s Romeo and Juliet on neighboring space wheels. Hopefully the film is something more than a love story in a funky place — hopefully it tuly uses its funkiness in a fresh way, in a way that actually matters to the story.

Or maybe it doesn’t. For Kirsten Dust has been quoted at Indiewire as describing the film as:

kind of like an accessible ‘Brazil.’

Brazil is not accessible? *groan* This is a dumbed-down Brazil?

This does not give me hope.

The point is, however, that the most vocal film lovers on the Web — genre fans — are talking about this film in a mostly positive way. So how is Warner Bros. responding?, where I found this trailer, says:

Warner Bros has been removing the trailer [from the Net]

Sure enough, at Hero Complex:

Upside Down trailer pulled by Warner Bros

Warner Bros. must be living in an upside-down universe of its own if it wants to discourage passionate movie lovers from talking about its movie.

Via io9 via reader Drave.

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