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the most interesting thing I learned about Prometheus at this morning’s footage reveal in London…

[no spoilers!]

Michael Fassbender’s character

Prometheus Michael Fassbender
is an android.

At the Q&A after the footage reveal, Ridley Scott assured us that this is not a secret of the film, that it’s known from the opening moments. It’s a nod to Ash from Alien, but — as Scott said — you simply cannot do a science fiction movie these days and have someone secretly be an android. I believe the word he used to describe that notion is daft.

(We weren’t allowed the bring any recording devices into the auditorium for the footage or the Q&A, but we’re assured that a transcript will be available later. When that happens, I’ll share a couple of quotes I found interesting.)

Fassbender — who was also there to answer questions, along with Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron — talked a bit about how he developed the android character David, and he and Scott assured us that he’s meant to be a little funny and that it’ll be okay to laugh at him. Judging from some of the footage we saw (which has not yet been seen in trailers), there’s definitely some humor going on with the character. I’m looking forward to seeing Fassbender funny. He’s certainly funny in person, and we haven’t really seen him be less than very intense and serious onscreen.

I guess the android nature of the character is probably already known to those who have vaccumed up every scrap of information already available about the film. But I’m not that sort of movie geek, and so this tidbit escaped me. It certainly has not been at all obvious from the trailers.

Something shocking I just learned about the movie right now, as I went hunting for an image of Fassbender, is that this:

Prometheus Logan Marshall-Green

is not Tom Hardy. Despite the fact that one of my other reactions to the footage reveal was, Huh, Tom Hardy is in this, too? I did not know that. It’s Logan Marshall-Green. And I’m not the only one stunned by their resemblance:

Tom Hardy Logan Marshall-Green

(That’s from TotallyLooksLike.com, of course.)


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