how Biff from Back to the Future deals with fans (and other adventures in social networking)

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• Is print dead? We might as well ask, Is TIME dead? France and Greece reject austerity, and France has a new socialist president, all of which is a huge slap in the face to what the leadership of the entire Western word has been up to, economically, for years, and TIME’s cover story is breastfeeding? The mag could have featured Francois Hollande; the top-right coverline is about France. It chose not to. Yes, TIME is dead. Time magazine breastfeeding cover: A shocking ‘stroke of genius’

• How Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the Back to the Future flicks, deals with fans… “I’m Tom Wilson…” [image]

• Sounds good, but probably only feasible for the biggest of publishing endeavors, such as Harry Potter. Probably not doable for an indie self-publisher or small trad publishing house. This requires enough clout to be able to bend Amazon to your will… Pottermore: Developing A Blueprint For Futureproof Publishing

• Actually, no. You can get a really nice bottle of wine at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s for less than you’ll pay for a cinema ticket to this piece of crap. In fact, do that instead tonight. Tim Burton: Dark Shadows is cheaper than drugs and alcohol

• Of course he does. Adorable. Jonny Lee Miller defends US Sherlock Holmes update Elementary

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