Empires of the Deep (the accidentally funniest trailer you’ll see this year)

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of this project before! It’s China attempting to out-Hollywood Hollywood, as The New York Times explained in a 2010 article, which includes the delicious tidbit that the film

is the vision of a film-obsessed real estate magnate, Jon Jiang.

And this wondrous nugget:

[T]he script, written by Mr. Jiang, has gone through 40 drafts with the help of 10 Hollywood screenwriters.

Did I mention that the alternate title is Mermaid Island? So gloriously awful. And that’s before you even get to this first trailer, which is a marvel of hilarious pain.

Via IndieWire’s The Playlist and Twitch, the latter of which notes:

Three Years And A Hundred And Thirty Million Dollars Later, All We Get Is Olga Kurylenko With A Shell On Her Head.

Kurylenko? I knew the name was vaguely familiar: she was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. Yeah, the Bond mostly everyone hated.

I hope this gets released, cuz I’m dying to see it.

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