it was a long four-movie day (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook and Twitter saw today:
(Had a long four-movie day: two press screenings at the far ends, filled out by two multiplex movies killing time in the middle. Was barely at the computer today, so no links, but here are my tweets between films.)

• #UpThere: Terrific little Brit indie black comedy about the afterlife, and how much it sucks. #Torchwood’s #BurnGorman is fantastic.

• #HotelTransylvania: Worse than I expected (& I wasn’t expecting much). How did I not know this is an #AdamSandler flick? Or did I block it?

• Two #KevinJames movies in a single day. The things I do for you people…

• #HereComesTheBoom: I am a broken woman today. A broken woman.

• #Twilight prem Leic Sq. Safe in pub, but can hear: Someone got more massive screams than others: Pattinson or Lautner? Suspense killing me.

• Not attending any #Twilight screening cuz studio doesn’t like me. Guess they read my reviews of the other films. (Will buy ticket on Friday)

• Just saw #Hitchcock but not allowed to say anything yet. #embargo

• And I got into a teensy scrap on Twitter with the guy today’s QOTD riffs on:

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