fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Dec 01-07 2012

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):
“blond boy orgy” <--- not gonna deny I’ve thought about this, but I don’t think I’ve written about this “adorable daleks” “21st century cure for hysteria” <--- someone doesn’t know that “hysteria” is no longer a real medical diagnosis “a thesis statement for the movie seven pounds” “what is the theme of shakespeare in love?” <--- I know what movies Film 101 classes are assigning “old women are ugly” “the girl from shes out of my league is ugly” “cameron diaz is ugly” <--- astonishing how many people seek validation for their opinions about women’s attractiveness “adolescent boys movies” “american revolution funny” “maryann johanson's sex videos” <--- in your dreams, pal “parents television council are fascists” “who hasn't played santa claus” “darth vader kitties” <--- uh, what? “why doesnt winnie the pooh have female charecters”

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