question of the day: How are you coping with Kate-is-pregnant-induced nausea?

By about five minutes after BBC News broke into actual important news that impacts people’s lives with the gossipy announcement that Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, is pregnant, I was already feeling the onset of pregancy-related sickness.

And this morning, as I was just going about my business looking for entertainment news to be excited or snark about, I found this on Google News:

Kate Middleton pregnant Google News

This was the top story. Really? More important than Lindsay Lohan’s latest breakdown?

The worse thing is that my snarking about nine months of liveblogging is far too optimistic. We’re in for 70 years of media frenzy about whoever this baby turns out to be, until he or she takes the throne in about 2082.

How are you coping with Kate-is-pregnant-induced nausea?

You won’t be able to avoid it, unless you become a hermit (which I don’t recommend) with no access to the Internet, television, radio, and whatever other mass communication devices are invented in coming years. Better have a plan.

I don’t have a plan, by the way. I fear I shall have to just suffer.

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