question of the day: What’s the worst movie ending ever?

Citizen Kane

Back in February of last year, we talked about our favorite movie endings, but oddly, we’ve never talked about this:
What’s the worst movie ending ever?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be from a terrible film, either. I can imagine someone otherwise loving Citizen Kane who thinks the discovery of Rosebud’s identity at the end is howlingly idiotic. For instance.

I have a plethora of choices here. Shall I choose the gentle awfulness of The Happening, which appears to find triumph in petering out after a plot of nothing happening? Or another Shyamalan anti-classic, The Village, which is both mind-blowingly insulting and preposterous? Or how about the aliens ex machina wrapup of the awesomely terrible Knowing?

But I’m going, instead, with 2012, which ends on an “upbeat” note that wants us to find hope and happiness in the fact that, at last, one little girl has learned to control her bladder, and all it took was the wiping out of 99.9 percent of humanity. Awww…

Your worst ending?

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