all your suspicions about how Academy members cast their Oscar votes are accurate (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Jean Dujardin promises to be a bad boy at the Oscars… “Oh putain!” It’s Jean Dujardin

• Why aren’t the Oscar-nominated doc shorts on iTunes, like @ShortsHD says they are?

• More on the Times vs Tesla (with the interesting note that Broder did not know his use of the car was being recorded)… 3 Important Takeaways from the NYT/Tesla Battle

• I’m starting to explore Sundance Now. This month there’s an intriguing collection of sex stories that Hollywood would never touch, like a look at the lives of real prostitutes and a doc on women’s body issues and feminist takes on porn. All streaming on demand. Cool. Sundance Now Doc Club: Naked Tales

• God help us, some brands now think there’s some sort of street cred in being hacked. After Burger King and Jeep fall victim, MTV and BET hack themselves for publicity

• What is this sorcery?! OH GOD IT’S LIKE AN OPTICAL ILLUSION

Bruce Willis Samuel L Jackson

• All your suspicions about how Academy members cast their Oscar votes are accurate. An Oscar Voter’s Brutally Honest Ballot

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