looks like Neil Blomkamp made that Halo movie after all (Elysium trailer)

Love the tease. Not the videogame-ish stuff, cuz that’s never been my thing (not that it necessarily bothers me, either, though, as long as it’s not the entire point of the film). But the flipping around of a movie image that’s among the few that are nearly religious in their iconicness: the wheel in space. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick made this a symbol of hope, of the majesty of humanity’s ingenuity, of a bright shining future.


Neill Blomkamp, in an instant, has made it represent exclusion and privilege. It doesn’t say, Come join us in the future. It says, Stay away — this is not for you.

Brilliant. Well, assuming the film is able to follow though on that. After District 9, I trust that Blomkamp can pull it off.

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