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Monsters University trailer: it’s scary how blah it is

I am just not getting any sort of vibe off of this. I mean none at all. Monsters go to school and it’s just like when humans go to school. Or perhaps I should say, Boy monsters go to school and it’s just like every other movie about male college students. (Is that mom character the only female character in the film? And is she there just to be “appalling” by dancing to her music? *grrr*) I’ll guess there will be fewer boner jokes than is typical for the frat-boy genre… but I bet there won’t be none.

US/Canada release date: Jun 21 2013 | UK release date: Jul 12 2013
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  • RogerBW

    I think the guitarist is meant to be female too. And the three-red-eye people. (Woman-as-comic-relief, woman-as-menace.)

    The feel I get off this is that it’s designed to appeal to kids who’ve never seen a college-set film, and maybe their parents who are vaguely nostalgic for them

  • The guitarist reads as male to me. But the librarian is female (comic relief + menace!).

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