I’m not sure that telling men that a movie about women isn’t for them is helping


Is this for real? From The Hollywood Reporter:

No Men Allowed: How Sony Pictures Classics Is Wooing Women Only to ‘Austenland’

Female-only screenings and a “high tea” at Jane Seymour’s house highlight a unique new marketing push for the romantic comedy; says SPC co-president Tom Bernard of men, “We just said ‘Fine, it’s not for you. Don’t see it. Can’t come.’ “

With its Aug. 16 romantic comedy Austenland, Sony Pictures Classics is taking female-targeted marketing to a new level. The specialty label has begun a series of word-of-mouth screenings and events for women only. “It’s not like we’re going to have guards at the door throwing men out,” says SPC co-president Tom Bernard. “But I think everyone will get the message based on the invitations.”

Wait, what? What about the invitations? Are they, dear god, pink?

For Austenland producer Stephenie Meyer, who demonstrated the power of the female consumer with her Twilight books, the moves make perfect sense. “This film is very uniquely female,” she explains. “There can’t be many movies in the marketplace that are based on a novel by a woman, scripted by women, produced by women, directed by a woman and starring a woman. There are beginning to be more female-centric, female-created movies in the marketplace, but they’re still vastly the minority.”

What in the actual fuck? Movies made by women about women are for exclusively female audiences?

You want to reinforce the idea that women are a minority with niche interests that could not possibly be appreciated or understood by default normal human beings (ie, men)? This is the perfect way to do it.


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