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no Lone Ranger review from me for a while yet

Or The Heat. Or White House Down. Or Grown Ups 2.

This is because these films don’t open in the U.K. for weeks and weeks still.

Reviews of R.I.P.D., The Conjuring, Red 2, Turbo, and Elysium also likely won’t come till after their North American release dates, because the U.K. releases are many weeks later. It’s possible I may get very early screenings of some of these and not be embargoed. Or maybe not, either.

Just giving you a heads up, because I see from my site stats that some people have been searching for reviews of some of these flicks. Sometimes we get films earlier than the U.S. and Canada — as with The World’s End, the new Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright film, which I’ll see tonight and will be able to talk about immediately; it opens mid August in North America, about a month after the U.K. release. But sometimes we don’t.

In short: I’m still in London, and will be at least through the end of this year.

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