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Star Wars: Downunder trailer: fair dinkum

Behold the upcoming Star Wars fan film that’s a tweak on Australian beer commercials, by commercial director and VFX guy Michael Cox. Star Wars: Downunder is the tale of

Merve Bushwacker. Originally from Oradongia, Merve joined the Jedi order at a young age. During his long years of training he never lost his taste for his native drop: Amber Fluid. On his adventures through the galaxy Merve has yet to encounter a beverage that is the equal of his beloved amber fluid.

Merve finds himself battling

Darth Drongo. The origin of Darth Drongo remains a mystery to all. His obsession with controlling the flow of amber fluid across the land, has seen him attain an iron fisted grip over all on Oradongia. No one is sure what he does with his massive stores of amber fluid. Some theorize that his alien metabolism requires constant transfusions of the now scarce beverage to keep him alive. Others believe he is simply a wowzer who doesn’t believe anyone should be partaking in the golden beverage. While there are those that claim he ships it off world to help pay off his gambling debts. Drongo keeps his vast stores of amber fluid in his fortress : Dunny’s Deep on the edge of Oradongia’s only water body, the Oradongle sea.

Did you catch the laser lightboomerangs?

Via @teroyks.

US/Canada release date: TBA | UK release date: TBA
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