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We’re the Millers greenband and redband trailers: a lesson in the MPAA’s twisted priorities

Let’s have another educational lesson in what the MPAA considers appropriate for all audiences and what it considers suitable for adults only.

Above we have the greenband trailer for We’re the Millers, featuring Jennifer Aniston stripping off her clothes and waving her lingerie-clad ass in the camera in a sexualized way, discussion about the smuggling of illegal drugs, two instances of male crotch injury, a drawing of a skateboard-penis, and wife-swapping. All, the MPAA assures us, perfectly fine for children to see.

Now here’s the redband trailer. Before you watch it, can you guess what extra bits to be found here will be deemed too naughty for tender eyes and ears? I’m going to guess a couple of utterances of the word fuck, and nothing else.

*watches trailer*

Ooo, I was wrong! There’s one “fuck” and one “fucking,” but also one “eat a dick” and one “we’ve all seen a dick,” because children shouldn’t know that everyone knows what a penis looks like. One suggestion of masturbation at the sight of Aniston stripping. But this is the best: one instance of a partially naked male ass that is no more than we see of Aniston’s ass in the greenband trailer. Which proves once more that the MPAA is far more protective of a man’s dignity than a woman’s.

Perhaps the MPAA could go eat a dick?

US/Canada release date: Aug 7 2013 | UK release date: Aug 23 2013
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